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Hello Cadet we have already cover Weapon Training Part - 1 & Weapon Training Part - 2 under which we have covered -  INTRODUCTION, CHARACTERISTICS OF RIFLE .22, AND LOADING, COCKING AND UNLOADING.

Now let us move forward and learn about Weapon Training Part 3 which will include LYING POSITION AND HOLD, but if you have not check previous Blog related to WT - 1 & WP-2 I'll suggest you  visit those Page first to understand about Weapon Training properly. So, let's staring learning.


1. Lying position is the most comfortable position from which to fire. The three basic essential of good shooting are:-
(a) Position must be comfortable and hold so firm that the rifles gains a rock like steadiness.
(b) The firer must aim correctly.
(c) The trigger be pressed in such a way that aim is not disturbed. Position and Hold

2. To get a stable position, the firer should get a feeling if rooted to the ground with :-

(a) Legs opened wide apart and body slanting to the left from the line of the target.

(b) Formation of the two triangles:-

(i) Horizontal triangle formed by the three points where the chest leaves the ground, the left elbow and the right elbow. 

(ii) Vertical triangle as viewed form the front of firer the two of its sides are formed by the forearms, the base being the ground between elbows. In addition as a quick check, the shoulders should be level.

The Right Hand

3. Bedded in as per the built of the firer, a firm grip providing steadiness and should be well forward to allow the forefinger between the first and second point to be actually on the trigger. The right hand must pull back the rifle very firmly in the shoulder and lock it there. The forefinger must take the first pressure on the trigger, whenever the butt is brought in to the shoulder.

The Left Hand

4. Acts as support to the forward part of the rifle there by helping to steady the rifle into the shoulder. The rifle should be held as far forward as possible, well clear of the magazine. No attempt to force the left wrist under the rifle should be made. The large pod of the muscle at the base of the left thumb protrudes and will automatically be pressing against the left side of the rifle and that is balanced by a similar pressure by the left forefinger on the other side of the rifle. Left hand must never pull the rifle into the shoulder.


The Shoulder

5. The butt plate should be bedded into the shoulder. Improper bedding in will

result in sore shoulder and possible flinching. The butt plate should meet the shoulder on the interior pad of the shoulder muscle joint and not in the ‘Hallow’ of it.

Position of the Head

6. The weight of the head should press the chin downwards and to the right against
the butt. The head should be at such a distance that neither the cocking piece nor the
finger, knock the face during firing.
7. Aim correctly and then hold breath while pressing the trigger.

                                                                                                            To be Continue...

So this was all about the " WEAPON TRAINING { PART - 3 } "( very soon I will update WEAPON TRAINING Part - 4 ). So stay connected and  don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions.


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